Single skinned plastic tanks installed in the late nineties are now starting to develop splits commonly from sun exposure and require replacement. New regulations came about in March 2016 that now all tanks must be bunded.

The tanks we install now come with a 12 year warranty when we install them, 

M Price Plumbing & Heating Limited only install tanks that comply with all the current regulations, i.e. Building Regulations and OFTEC. It may well be that you find someone who can fit a tank more cheaply than ourselves, but if they are not properly qualified, and don’t work to the relevant regulations, then it is highly likely that not only will your tank manufacturer not honour their warranty, but you may have a costly job correcting their work. Be confident that your tank is supplied and installed by professionally trained experts carrying out the job professionally.

Not only do we replace oil tanks we can de water your tank, removing water from the base of the tank.

New level guages fitted along with new filters

If you have an Oil Leak we can respond the same day as an emergency to stop the leak and Install tempory measures to keep your heating on.

We work closly with Envoironmental Experts to deal with contamination caused from your oil leak to recitify the issue properly.

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