Emergency Plumbers in Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire

We attend many emergency plumbing issues, one recently was a faulty shower pump which had failed and was flooding a converted Mill near Haverfordwest. We attended as soon as we could stopped the leak and repaired the plumbing issue. Other common plumbing emergency plumbing issues we are called out to are burst pipes usually caused from frost damage, these are usually un-insulated pipes in a vulnerable cold position. Another common leak is caused from rodents chewing plastic pipe fittings. they seem to have an appetite for plastic plumbing fittings, We were called out to a leak which a mouse had caused th fitting to fail in a property in Carew. The leak caused the ceiling to come down. 

Old copper pipes can suffer from pin hole leaks, the pipe can appear in good condition but has corroded from the inside from pitting. A good system inhibitor can help prevent this, In this instance we would replace the section of faulty pipe work.

We respond quickly to all emergency plumbing problems, try M Price Plumbing and Heatings mobile first 07779288057, if we are out of service there is a chance we are in WIFI reception try sending a Whats App message if you have the App or an email to localplumber2001@gmail.com.

In all leak situations try your best to turn off your water to the property, If you cant find your stop tap inside the property there will be one out side in a small manhole usually. Also turn on your taps to reduce the water flow at the leak.